O’disc è l’etichetta di o’live. Ha pubblicato l’8 novembre 2019 la compilation “A fragile tribute”, una compilation di 23 artisti che hanno rielaborato il disco dei Nine inch nails “The Fragile”. Il taglio dell’etichetta sarà orientato verso l’elettronica e l’internazionale.

A breve pubblicherà 3 dischi:

  • Floor 5 (Germania)
  • Franky selector (Canada)
  • electrowave duo (duo drum’n bass/funk italiano)

A Fragile Tibute
Various Artists reworked the Nine Inch Nails’ album “The Fragile”


  • arranged by Folwark
  • recorded at Loto Studio
  • mixed by Gianluca Lo Presti and Folwark

Even Deeper

  • Giuseppe Lombardo: acoustic guitar vocals and backing vocals
  • Walter Caraci: double bass
  • Santo Trombetta: keyboards and electric guitars

Just Like You Imagined

  • arranged and produced by Carmine Cataldo
  • recorded and mixed by Lucio Auciello

The Fragile

  • Nevica: Basso, synth, voce
  • Dagger Moth: noise guitars
  • arranged by: Nevica

We’re In This Together

  • Guido Lettieri: voice
  • Lucio Auciello: bass, guitar, synth.
  • Roberto Forlano: programming

The Wretched

arranged, produced, recorded and mixed by Baobab Romeo at Galgo Studio

The Frail

  • arranged and produced by Fabio Cuomo
  • all instruments by Fabio Cuomo
  • recorded and produced by Fabio Cuomo at his studio